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Codes of Conduct

By Kerry Boulton

Players, Coaches, Parents and Team Managers

Codes of Conduct

There are a number of codes; Players, Parents, Team Managers, and Coaches, which are attached below. Please read those codes that are applicable to you.

Problem during a game? Talk to your Team Manager

If you think something is not right, then report it to your team manager. The Team Manager may choose to approach the other team if it's a straight forward matter that can be simply rectified.

If the issue is a more serious, and there is the likelihood of some sort of confrontation, then the Team Manager will put in a formal complaint to the SMDSC and SECA.

Do not Confront the other Team

There are clear reporting procedures that SECA have put in place to avoid confrontations. Even if you are clearly in the right, if you do not go through the correct channels or worse, trigger a confrontation, it is more than likely that the person penalised will be you.

Don't yell at the Umpire

Parents, players and officials are not allowed to yell out to the umpire to complain, point out mistakes, or abuse. Accept the umpire's decision. If you think there is something wrong then, as above, report the matter calmly to the Team Manager.


SMDSC and SECA have in place a strict zero tolerance policy. If those codes are breached then the penalties are harsh. Penalties can include being banned from matches, and even removal from Club and SECA.

We need you! Don't let things go bad.

This is a volunteer club run by parents, and we desperately need the support of all our parents. If kids are left without any supervision, good hearted fun can turn sour very quickly.

Recently, we had an Opposition's Away Room trashed by one of our teams that were obviously bored during a batting innings. This damage is likely to result in a multi-thousand dollar bill. We are fortunate that charges weren't laid. This is sad and and embarrassing for all of us. Also, the club itself runs very lean, and bills like this will hit hard financially.

Parents, please step in.

From time to time we receive comments and emails saying that the kids were misbehaving at training or games and no one was doing anything. If you think something is wrong then step in.

Your coaches, team managers, and all club officials, are all just parents, who have donated their personal time at no cost to support the club and their respective teams. They are helping your children enjoy this game, so please help them.

Assist at team training and at game days. Unfortunately, we still have a few that treat training and game day as a child minding service. We are all busy, but please make time.

At training

Offer your help to the coaches, even if its to keep kids on track with the task they are doing. You don't have to know anything about cricket. There was one mum the other night, peppering kids with a bowling machine. The kids enjoyed it, and so did she... although, probably a little too much.

On Game Day

If the kids cannot sit and support their peers during the batting innings, then get creative. Come up with a parental monitoring roster, bring some sort of entertainment such as cards, or iPads. We want our kids to enjoy themselves but they need to be in a safe and monitored environment.

Last Note

We are here to ensure the kids have a good experience, and as adults we need to demonstrate how to act and ensure that we don't set bad patterns of behaviour. We want our kids to play in a safe, non threatening environment to allow them develop, grow, and enjoy the game.

Updated 12:52 - 12 Dec 2016 by Kerry Boulton

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